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Charcoal Eating as Medicine Charcoal-eating is one of the earliest forms of medication in history. Charcoal has an incredible capacity to adsorb (bind monotoxins and endotoxins into itself). Charcoal can adsorb up to 200 times its own weight. Most animals eat charcoal, especially from recent bonfires. Monkeys are among the greatest consumers of charcoal in the animal kingdom. This is quite understandable when one considers the fact that monkeys eat...
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Diabetes What It Is DIABETES is an unsalutory state of the body provoked by an exceedingly high level of sugar or glucose in the blood, which can occur when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or due to some bodily disorder, the body is unable to utilize the insulin. Since the body is unable to utilize the insulin produced by the pancreas to break down or...
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Malaria: Prevention and Management MALARIA is an infec­tious disease caused by single-celled Plasmodium protists including P. falci­parum, -p vivax, P.malariae, and P. ovale. The parasites are usually transmitted from infected to non­infected people via the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes; about 60 species of Anopheles can serve as vectors. The parasites take up residence in the victim's red blood cells. The disease is characterized by episodes of chills and fever...
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A Cure in the Garden  Evidently, the trend is changing and changing with the rapidity of a sahel fire. About ten years ago, your mind wonders through the thick foliage of some exotic flowers, in some well-tendered gardens, supervised by some over pampered horticulturalists who trudge languidly with bulging tummies, when conversations about gardens crop up. But now, the story is remarkably different. Courtyard gardens are mushrooming into herbal gardens while...
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The Healing Power of Onion  The prevalence of fibroids, breast cancer and infertility among our women today is alarming. What do we do? Are we to fold our hands and watch our sons and daughters die in pain and desperation? Or are we to once again sit lazily and wait for western thinkers to help us find the solution?  Whenever I think of onion and its many health benefits, I cannot...
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  • Rita Njoku
    Rita Njoku says #
    Please what drugs in your product is good for arthrities of the hip and knees
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  • elizabeth
    elizabeth says #
    can you cure fibroid, kidney stone,waist pain and typhoid fever and urine incontinent

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