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Paxherbal Since 1996

We Have Been Making Natural Herbal Products

What started with Father Anselm Adodo’s vision of preserving the neglected indigenous knowledge on African Medicine, resulted in the establishment of Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories in 1996.

Located in the St.Benedict Monastery in Ewu, Paxherbals grew into becoming one of the largest manufacturers and research labs of medicinal products in Africa.

Embedded in the philosophy of Communitalism, Paxherbals’ integral enterprise model has put the interest of the local community at their center, showcasing a healing force for people, Nigerian society and Africa.

Paxherbals’ Mission: Promoting human health and dignity not just by eradication of pain, an essential aspect of being a human, but also its prevention.


Founded by Ewumonks

Paxherbals draws its life from the activities of the monks of St. Benedict monastery in Ewu. Founded by he monks in 1996, Paxherbals has been a continuous work of research and development aimed at uncovering the power of nature through herbal practices.

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Active Research and Development

We are continually deploying the best resources in modern research and development of natural products. Our scientist are working to ensure that our products stay natural and potent from point of collection to when they are used up by consumers.




Distribution Centers
Documenting Tropical Natural Medicine

Discovery, Documenting, Researching African Medicine

As an organization, record keeping of our processes and research findings are activities that we take seriously at Paxherbals. It is important to us that what we have achieved is available for generations to build on

Adodo Anselm
Established in 1996

Our journey to changing the face of African medicine.


Started making herbal products like cough syrup


Began and completed the now Paxherbal Center


Got most of our products certified by NAFDAC

2026 and beyond

Full automated research driven herbal practices

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Adodo Anselm, OSB


Moses Magrepdedo, OSB

Lab Operations Manager

Jude Chukwu, OSB


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Support manager