A new approach to natural medicine

African Traditional Medicine now More Accessible  Complementing Healthcare Touching More Lives Providing Healthcare Alternatives

...Paxherbals is providing affordable products and services for better, healthier living.

Good Manufacturing Practices
Our products are the result of years of research and development under the care of experienced scientists
We Make Affordable Products
We understand that we are not just making products. We are touching lives through affordable healthcare
Securing the future of African Natural Medicine
We go beyond re-discovering ancient herbal formulae. We seek to preserve and propagate knowledge
Getting Paxherbal Products

Products Distributors in Your Region

You may have Paxherbal product distributors near you if you are in Nigeria.

Popular Product: Paxherbal Bitters

Paxherbal Bitters with over 25 medicinal plants has proven to be the favourite of many customers home and abroad

Rich Blend of medicineal herbs
This product is packed full with medicinal plants that helps to re-invigoriate your body system
Multi-purpose health Tonic
Paxherbal Bitters can be used not just internally but also externally.
Safe to Use
Paxherbal Bitters has been certified by Nigerian Agencency for Drug and Food Addministration as safe for use.


THE NATURE POWER - Natural Medicine In Tropical Africa has become the favourite books for many homes. Ever more people now depend on it to learn the power and potency of many plants that grow around them.

The Nature Power is a comprehensive collection of common medicinal plants found in tropical Africa. After 10 reprints and 3 editions released, it is a best selling book on tropical medicine.

The Nature power is

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With The Nature Power You Get...
Best Selling Book
With over 1/2 a million copies sold, The Nature Power is the herbal recipe handbook for every home
+200 Herbal Remedies
Contains over 200 herbal medianal formula. This means you
Plant Identification
Learn about medicinal plant and have them identified pictorially with local and botanical names.
DIY Herbal Preparations
Step by Step Do It Yourself method of preparation for herbal preparations.

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Happy customers trusted Paxherbal products!

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