Promoting Healty Lifestyle

As a Sevice to Humanity

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Be Healty Always

Everyone has a choice to make. It starts with our lifestyle - the food we eat, what we drink and how we live.

We aspire to create a more healthy society where people live and work knowing that they can enjoy healthy lives as much as possible by leveraging the gifts of nature

What this means

Doing this, we bring health closer to the people we serve daily from within and outside Nigeria

Living Healthy

Orange for health living

We can always eliminate the need for medicine or at least minimize the need for it through the lifestyle we adopt. We promote organic food and unprocessed fruits from nature

Medicinal Herbs

Pax health tea for healthy living

If it comes down to needing medicine, we can also find a choice to make. There are those while very effective, comes with no side effect or at most neglible side effect.

Most Herbs are in the first instance "vegetables"


Bitter-leaf, one of the most easily identifiable and most common plant found in homes across Africa is used for food and it juice can be used as medicine.


The convinience of taking processed and packaged fruits cannot cannot equal the benefit of eating fresh fruit.


Good drinking water serves the body better than a bottle of soft drink.

Our annual congress and other enlightenment excercises carried out in the course of each year within and outside Nigeria allow us to carry out our mission of educating people on staying healthy