Pax Natural Medicine Hospital

& Pharmaco-Vigilance Centre (PNMHPC)

Through this project, we aspire to develop a fusion between the different healing traditions from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America so as to unite them towards the practice of integrative medicine.

PNMHPC is demonstrating, through the practice of evidence-based medicine, that he integration of conventional "orthodox" Medicine and alternative Medicine is achievable.

Pax Natural Medicine Hospital nurse taking patient vitals
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Goals Of Pax Natural Medicine Hospital

To practice evidence-based medicine. This requires putting high-tech documentation facilities, diagnostic facilities and computerised data capture system.

  • A centre for genuine African holistic healing that blends the physical and the spiritual aspects of the human person.
  • Target Nigerians in need of herbal/alternative therapies who want to be attended to privately and confidentially.
  • Limited accommodation by special arrangement for those that may need days or weeks of rest, nutrition therapy or observation.
  • Become an international cancer screening and management centre.
  • Organize regular health talks for executives, focusing on preventive measures.
  • Special focus on HIV/AID research towards the production of effective herbal anti-retroviral medicines.