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Conditions For Healing

Health does not refer to just the absense of pain or disease, but harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Only a holistic approach to health and well-being can provide lasting solution to human sickness.


The first step towards healing is to relax. Modern people do not even know what it means to relax, being so used to tension and anxiety. We need to learn to be still and be concious of our bodies


Healing is a communion, an interchange of energies between two or more people. The whole cosmic system is based on the dynamism of give-and-take


Healing requires silence. Noise causes a dessipation of energies between two or more people. The healer should lead the sick to silence, so that they can hear the deeper music of life


Awareness mean being ready to acknowledge our fear of change; being in touch with what we are feeling at every moment and being conscious that our thoughts affect us and other people more than we imagine


To forgive is to be free. To refuse to forgive is to live in bondage. When you forgive, you are not doing God a favour, or doing your offender a favour; you are doing yourself a favour. You forgive so that you can be free. Many people are sick because they refuse to forgive. Forgiveness brings healing