Alternative Medicine for life and healty living

Over the years, we have evolved from helping a few thousands with alternatives to their health needs to affecting the health of millions of people in a positive way within and outside Nigeria

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Our Medicine is evidence Based

We attempt to support our work with scientific research in line with international best practices in the field of alternative medicine

Ever wonder how our ancestors who never had the current level of technological advancement in medicine were able to live long and healthy lives. Ever wonder why we are now faced with diseases that are not only evolving but seem to be defying every eradication attempt our most sophisticated technology has been designed to carry out.

We at Paxherbals, think that this is so because we have not given enough time to learn how the ancients have managed their health and that modern man have spent more time learning how to develop medicine for cure rather than factoring the role nature plays in keeping us healthy.

We believe that our ancestors have passed down to us many vital lessons that, if given the attention it deserves and accorded its place in our health systems, would complement

Here is what make our work unique:
  • We grow over 500 types of different plant species with over 250 of them current employed in our processes
  • We have the biggest herbal garden in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Our herbs and products are processed under the most hygienic of conditions ensuring that they are safe for use
  • We have the seal of NAFDAC on most of our products with more certification in progress.

Research Processes

Paxherbal laboratory research work

Paxherbal Research Laboratories engage professionals in the field of microbilogy and chemistry in the processes involved in the products development and quality control.

Quality Control Checks


From the plant identification to the point of product completion, the research laboratories scientists engage each product in quality checks to ensure compliancy with standards