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Use this page to see if the answer to some pressing questions is already answered before you contact us!

We do not provide online consultation and prescription services through this medium. Our forum contain diverse range of questions and answers. Visit and join the community as you will find diverse range of questions and answers there.

Common Queries and Questions

  1. The questions and answers here are not exhaustive.
  2. Do contact us if you have any questions you feel we should include here.
  • How long is it safe to use herbal medicine? +

    Herbal medicines are generally friendly to human body since the are predominantly vegetables in some sense. However, the way and manner some of them and prepared and eventually delivered makes them requiring restricted use. Like all medicines, the Pax Herbal Health Care Provider (PHCP) should always guide the user.
  • Can one use herbs all the time and for life even though the person gets well? +

    Some herbs, are even recommmended for daily use because of rejuvenating properties and ability to detoxify the human organs. However, always consult your PHCP to know the drugs currently in this class.
  • Are your medicines safe for children? +

    Our herbs are not recommmended for infant and children under the age of 3yr. However, children over three years old can only take select medication under the guidiance of a PHCP.
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